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Inverter Welding Machine

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We manufacture Inverter Welding Machine upto 100kva with micro processor based control. Our welding machine is a first Indian welding inverter having lowest Weight in the category of 400A range, They are very efficient to cut the electricity bill up to 40%. They enhance faster response of welding dynamics. The Portable Inverter Welding Machine is very popular for its light weight and portability. The Inverter Dc Welding Machine of our company is well-known for its High power factor up to 0.94 and very low no-load loss, such as 0.2% of max load. We are among the prominent Portable Inverter Welding Machine Suppliers. In spite of high standard of quality, we have kept our price quite affordable in comparison to others.

  • Totally indigenous
  • Power factor 0.94
  • (Approx)
  • Lower electricity bill Protect on against overheat, single phasing, short circuiting, under /over and over current
  • Portable and light weight
  • Conforms to IS : 4559, IEC : 60974 & EN50199EMC
  • Exceptional welding characterstics
  • Prompt availability of spares
  • Latest IGBT technology
  • Advanced CV (Optional) characterstics
  • 1 year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

Q1: why we chose inverter based welding m/c?
  • Cuts up to 40% electricity bill.
  • Faster response of welding dynamics
  • Light weight and portability.
  • High power factor up to 0.94
  • Very very low no-load loss, such as 0.2% of max load.

Q2: Then why India not using the superior things?
  • Most of the inverter based welding m/c available India is not so reliable.
  • Reputed make inverter are reliable but cost is very high beyond the reach of normal persons.
  • Servicing of the inverters is very complex as because of it’s not availibility of spares.
  • We have answers of all; we are offering you the imported machine substitute with lowest price in India for bulk buyers, and prompt availability of spares as it is totally indigenous.
  • 400A arc welding power source (SMAW)

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